584 Nha Trang fish sauce continued to win “High Quality Vietnamese Goods” title in 2014

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584 Nha Trang SeaProduct Joint Stock Company was honored to receive “High Quality Vietnamese Goods” title voted by consumers in 2014.

Together with 622 other enterprises (which already gained enough votes from consumers), the Company was under an evaluation and feedback by 109 departments and agencies from 41 provinces/cities for two months. On 25th February, in HCMC, the Association of High Quality Vietnamese Goods Businesses had announced and given title “High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2014” for 476 enterprises that were considered as having “Solutions to master new markets”, the topic of the evaluation.

This was the fifteenth time that 584 Nha Trang SeaProduct Joint Stock Company won this noble title (from 2000 to 2014). The Company really appreciated customers’ trust and would always try its best for consumers’ health.