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In Vietnam, fish sauce is a very special symbol of culinary culture. This traditional taste cannot be lack in every Vietnamese meal.

Among specialties in Nha Trang seawater should definitely be fish sauce. This product has long been resonated and made a great conquest in most of provinces and cities over Vietnam. Nowadays, Nha Trang fish sauce is not only consumed within the country but also seeking new export markets.

Under programs belong to The Global Competitiveness Facility for Vietnamese Enterprises (GCF) funded by Demark Government, Nha Trang fish sauce is given priority to improve standards and promote export orientation.

On 3rd August 2013, 584 Nha Trang Sea Products Joint Stock Company held a seminar over the topic “Improve standard of Nha Trang fish sauce for export orientation” in Nha Trang City. There were 30 fish sauce producers joining. The aim of the discussion was giving guidance for small local producers to ensure food safety in accordance with Vietnamese Codex Standards, orienting export fish sauce.

This seminar helped local fish sauce producers have better awareness of making safe fish sauce, following specific standards, and gradually taking Nha Trang fish sauce overseas.

Reported by Trong Thanh.